Bringing data-driven solution to get full efficiency over mobile advertising
Optimizing the value of programmatic mobile advertising for publishers, advertisers, and ad networks. A real-time prediction technology that uses privacy-compliant response data, massively accumulated user pattern machine learning, and proprietary digital formats to maximize the value of the omni-channel ad platform.
For Buyer
What we provide
Industry-Leading Value Prediction Technology
Buy traffic beyond just impressions. Our AI-powered TVPE (Traffic Value Prediction Engine) accurately estimates the impression value probability in real-time, so your creatives are shown to users who have the best chance of engaging with them. Besides, robotic inventory curation technology enables you to optimize the budget.
Private Marketplaces (PMP)
Allow you to combine strengths of programmatic and direct buys: access to premium inventory that matches your targeting criteria and that may not be available in the Open Auction, and programmatic execution on bidding, to set the impression price within the pre-negotiated CPMs.
Transparency & Direct Accessibility
Satisfy specific campaign needs with viewability and unique demand in order to accelerate your business. Besides, simplify, negotiate and implement priority deals by utilizing our real-time bidding.

For Seller
What we provide
Simple Setup/
Unified Reporting
Real-time insights into your revenue with full transparency and customized views. Review your performance with as much data granularity as you like.
Omnichannel Auction Support
Our omnichannel auction provides unified access to multiple demand sources and a variety of ad formats. Through a single end-point, publishers can request multiple different elements for ad formats.
Optimize revenues by high match rates
We have an Industry-leading programmatic platform and data-driven yield optimization solutions to recognize efficient and utilized traffics with our filtering algorithm for the value maximization of your inventory and eCPM.
What we have
Flexible Integration
Standard Open RTB 2.0-2.5
Prebid, Adapter, Ad tag, API, SDK support
Curated Marketplace
Data-driven traffic curation for the max ROI
Scale more efficiently with less infrastructure
Predict the value of traffic for budget optimization
Omni-channel Support
Various ad formats across multi-devices from WEB, APP, OTT, CTV, DOOH
Deal Management
Discover PMP packages in publisher storefronts
Select traffic packages dealing with sellers quickly and easily
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Leading Ad Tech Company
With exploring global trends and market opportunities, we provide you to gain value and profits.
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Since 2013, TPMN has developed a mobile programmatic advertising ecosystem in APAC from scratch. We help publishers and advertisers to grow their businesses by delivering outstanding mobile advertising solutions. Now, TPMN became one of the most powerful ad tech companies in APAC region.
TPMN is named to the Financial Times "High-Growth Companies Asia Pacific 2022"
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